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International Conference on IVS Action for Sustainability, Human Rights and Cultural Heritage (photo gallery)


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International Conference on IVS Action for Sustainability

CCIVS organised a four day-long final conference from the 5 – 10 October 2015 under the ‘Vision to Action’ Campaign. This event gathered over 60 representatives of IVS organisations from diverse countries across the globe to combine a reflection on the results of Vision 2 Action Project, discussions focused on impact measurement, the planning of development strategies and internal and external networking with institutions and stakeholders relevant to the conference topics.

The start of the Conference invited many representatives of NGOs in official relations with UNESCO, the President of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee and a representative of the UNESCO Task Force team for the COP 21 and Climate Change. The President of Amnesty International France joined the end of the Conference in an institutional day.

More information about this event can be found here and will be shared in the final report to be published in the beginning of 2016 on the Resources section of the CCIVS website.

Anne’s testimonial


Our organisation is a member of CCIVS and I have participated in several events, meetings and trainings now, all in relation to the projects I coordinate. I came this week as I am involved in the Vision 2 Action campaign through the Impact (Changing Perspectives) project I coordinate.  I’m interested in sharing practices, getting feedback on the V2A projects and gaining new perspectives, ideas and learning how to plan a follow up. My favourite part of the conference today was the evaluation of V2A !

Anne Poyol, European projects Coordinator at Solidarités Jeunesses

Samuel’s testimonial

UPAHi, I’m Samuel – I’m executive secretary of UPA, a voluntary youth NGO created in 1989 to promote community based development and also member of the CCIVS network. I came to this week’s conference to share knowledge and skills on volunteering projects, evaluate the CCIVS campaign projects and to contribute to CCIVS’ strategic planning. I really hope to gain more knowledge and skills, a deeper understanding about COP21 and also to strengthen my network and partnerships. What I particularly enjoyed today was the methodology for project evaluation and the fact we discussed participants’ expectations.

Samuel Zziwa, Executive secretary of Uganda Pioneers Association.

Liang Liangs’ testimonial

LIANG“I came to volunteer this week on the conference as I like to follow CCIVS’ actions. I hoped to get general information about recent CCIVS developments and its’ perspectives for the future, and to meet other members and better understand the network. I really liked the group discussions – everyone is free to explain themselves and the exchanges are all professional but casual J

By the way, do you know how I first got to know about CCIVS? I just passed by the UNESCO, asked about volunteering in the World Heritage sector and the reception sent me straight to CCIVS.”

Liang Liang, PHD student and volunteer for CCIVS (formerly in charge of WHV project).

Second testimonial on the NGO Action on Climate Change Day

1 “I know CCIVS from my time as an intern coordinating international volunteers at PeaceWorks Sweden, an organization that is part of the CCIVS network. I came to this conference because I am very passionate about the topics that will be discussed, especially the question of cultural heritage and peace-building in this time of climate change. The part of the conference that I preferred today was the experts’ speeches (Peter especially), learning more about the perspective of UNESCO’s part to play at COP21 and their point of view upon climate change – and of course meeting all these inspiring people !”

Vendela Runold, Former volunteer and intern at Peace Works Sweden

The first testimonial of the NGO Action on Climate Change day


“We were both really interested to join this week’s conference with the CCIVS, particularly this NGO Action on Climate Change day with the NGO-Unesco liaison committee, because it is tied to many of the projects we do in our organization. We already have animal care and environment protection programs, but this was the occasion to grab and bring back as much knowledge and experience from the other participants in order to develop new projects and open up more possibilities for the volunteers we welcome.

On a personal level, both of us do what we can: separating our waste, taking care to not use too much water or electricity and being careful of wastage.

In Costa Rica it seems that our government is already pretty advanced in informing its citizens about protecting the environment, as it has been leading informational campaigns on the subject for about 20 years now, designating certain areas to be protected, etc.2

Another reason why we were interested in coming : a member of staff of ACI Costa Rica went earlier this year to a CCIVS seminar in Argentina and came back with lots of valuable information… and a big dose of much needed motivation ! ”
Miguel Solano and Guillermo Campos, ACI Costa Rica

An Excellent Free Online Course – Starting Soon!

A massive open online course (MOOC /mk/) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. I warmly recommend to all CCIVS members who want to improve their communication competencies to join the Exploring Filmmaking MOOC. If you participated in the Online and Residential Media Training by Egyesek in Hungary, you will especially benefit from this opportunity. The course kicks off on 29 June 2015 and lasts 6 weeks.

Learn from award-winning filmmakers about how films get from script to screen with this course from the NFTS and BFI Film Academy! Join here!

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Communicate What You Know

It has been a week that the first CCIVS (Nonprofit) Media Training came to a wonderous closing. Participants engaged in an intensive, inspired and demanding workout for communication skills. The challenge centered on the pedagogical idea of the Tiny Project – ideas, tasks, goals, visions packed into a professional format suitable for briefing to media professionals, NGO executives, staff members and stakeholders.

Photos by Dorota Braziewicz

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Alongside 22 presentations of truly inspired ideas, participants produced a series of exercise videos and side-projects. Needless to say, a large number of these productions are more than exercises: they are the raw, beautiful, restless and powerful energy of participants with a vision – a vision they want to transform into social action.

All of these works communicate what participants know best: the transformative power of volunteering…

Here’s a small selection of the work of the participants and team of this event.

Experience Volunteering, Experience You!

A nonprofit promotional video for volunteering within the CCIVS network.



Find Your Own Voice

A nonprofit promotional video for volunteering within the CCIVS network.

United in Diversity

An inspiration video for tolerance and diversity, produced by the platform Active Rainbow

People Like You and Me

A video campaign to close detention centers

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