The first testimonial of the NGO Action on Climate Change day


“We were both really interested to join this week’s conference with the CCIVS, particularly this NGO Action on Climate Change day with the NGO-Unesco liaison committee, because it is tied to many of the projects we do in our organization. We already have animal care and environment protection programs, but this was the occasion to grab and bring back as much knowledge and experience from the other participants in order to develop new projects and open up more possibilities for the volunteers we welcome.

On a personal level, both of us do what we can: separating our waste, taking care to not use too much water or electricity and being careful of wastage.

In Costa Rica it seems that our government is already pretty advanced in informing its citizens about protecting the environment, as it has been leading informational campaigns on the subject for about 20 years now, designating certain areas to be protected, etc.2

Another reason why we were interested in coming : a member of staff of ACI Costa Rica went earlier this year to a CCIVS seminar in Argentina and came back with lots of valuable information… and a big dose of much needed motivation ! ”
Miguel Solano and Guillermo Campos, ACI Costa Rica


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