The Project

From Vision to Action

Growing Capacities for Change in the IVS Movement


Background of the project

The White Paper for International Voluntary Service created in 2011 draws the strategic goals for sustainability with the vision: International Voluntary Service contributing to a sustainable world, where there is a balanced coexistence between people and nature, and where conditions for health, well-being, peace and social justice are achieved and maintained for the future.

The three pillars of sustainability (economic, environmental and social) applied to voluntary service and participation, are the thematic focus of this project. This will be a way to show that through social inclusion projects, environmental, cultural projects, IVS contributes every day to sustainability. CCIVS has been working on the Sustainability and Environment thematic for the last decade, with many projects, dozens of organisations and hundreds of participants. The project concentrates also in strengthening capacities within the IVS movement, to generate sustainability in the organisations, and actions with the best impact.


Project objectives

The Vision to Action project aim is to use the existing capacities and potential within the International Volunteer Service Movement to follow up on the strategic goals of the White Paper for IVS in the thematic area of Sustainability and Environment whilst enforcing the support measures; Networking, Capacity Building, Impact and Communication and Visibility.

Its objectives are to:

  • Strengthen capacities within the IVS movement, to generate Sustainability of solid actions in the Organisations participating, to provide greater Capacities and skills for Youth Workers, Board Members and Young People;
  • Empower Organisations with trained young people to create Sustainable Development programmes and to improve the impact of these;
  • Create a Pool of Trainers, Young People acting as multipliers for a sustainable long term action;
  • Develop a more Sustainable IVS with an Increased Positive Impact;
  • Implement Sustainable and Environmental long-term strategies for the IVS movement to be implemented on a Global and Local Level;
  • To improve the Visibility of the work and Raise Awareness on the important work developed by IVS organisations towards Sustainability and Environment;
  • To share the Vision of IVS organisations towards the Sustainable Development Goals.


Project structure

This will be a 14 month worldwide action including trainings (for staff, activists and volunteers), awareness raising actions; visibility campaigns and thematic workcamps.

Activities according to the project description should start on the 1 October 2014 and end on the 18 December 2015.


The activities listed along with the hosts are:

  1. Steering Meeting took place in Korea hosted by IWO Korea in October 2014
  2. The Training

Sans titre

*To be confirmed

  1. 31 Interregional Youth Camps hosted by many of the partners of this project in Africa, Asia, Americas and Europe.

Sans titre


  1. Final Conference (including Open Conference) and Exhibition in Paris, France hosted by CCIVS (this is planned for October/November).


This project has the Financial Support of Erasmus+ programme.



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