Communicate What You Know

It has been a week that the first CCIVS (Nonprofit) Media Training came to a wonderous closing. Participants engaged in an intensive, inspired and demanding workout for communication skills. The challenge centered on the pedagogical idea of the Tiny Project – ideas, tasks, goals, visions packed into a professional format suitable for briefing to media professionals, NGO executives, staff members and stakeholders.

Photos by Dorota Braziewicz

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Alongside 22 presentations of truly inspired ideas, participants produced a series of exercise videos and side-projects. Needless to say, a large number of these productions are more than exercises: they are the raw, beautiful, restless and powerful energy of participants with a vision – a vision they want to transform into social action.

All of these works communicate what participants know best: the transformative power of volunteering…

Here’s a small selection of the work of the participants and team of this event.

Experience Volunteering, Experience You!

A nonprofit promotional video for volunteering within the CCIVS network.



Find Your Own Voice

A nonprofit promotional video for volunteering within the CCIVS network.

United in Diversity

An inspiration video for tolerance and diversity, produced by the platform Active Rainbow

People Like You and Me

A video campaign to close detention centers

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