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An Excellent Free Online Course – Starting Soon!

A massive open online course (MOOC /mk/) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. I warmly recommend to all CCIVS members who want to improve their communication competencies to join the Exploring Filmmaking MOOC. If you participated in the Online and Residential Media Training by Egyesek in Hungary, you will especially benefit from this opportunity. The course kicks off on 29 June 2015 and lasts 6 weeks.

Learn from award-winning filmmakers about how films get from script to screen with this course from the NFTS and BFI Film Academy! Join here!

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Communicate What You Know

It has been a week that the first CCIVS (Nonprofit) Media Training came to a wonderous closing. Participants engaged in an intensive, inspired and demanding workout for communication skills. The challenge centered on the pedagogical idea of the Tiny Project – ideas, tasks, goals, visions packed into a professional format suitable for briefing to media professionals, NGO executives, staff members and stakeholders.

Photos by Dorota Braziewicz

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Alongside 22 presentations of truly inspired ideas, participants produced a series of exercise videos and side-projects. Needless to say, a large number of these productions are more than exercises: they are the raw, beautiful, restless and powerful energy of participants with a vision – a vision they want to transform into social action.

All of these works communicate what participants know best: the transformative power of volunteering…

Here’s a small selection of the work of the participants and team of this event.

Experience Volunteering, Experience You!

A nonprofit promotional video for volunteering within the CCIVS network.



Find Your Own Voice

A nonprofit promotional video for volunteering within the CCIVS network.

United in Diversity

An inspiration video for tolerance and diversity, produced by the platform Active Rainbow

People Like You and Me

A video campaign to close detention centers

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Imagewize – Collection of Resources

As we are heading towards the closing of this amazing media training, I want to share some of the resources we have been using in a structured way. Below are four collections of links.


The first one is a collection of videos that model the current practices of web video. It includes some classics from the business world, some of my own work and a wide range of examples (excellent, good, mediocre, not so good) that can be analyzed before producing a new video.


The second one is a collection of texts, articles, booklets, videos that are interesting food for thought. If you don’t want to re-invent the wheel, you can read into the current landscape of practices. The collection goes from TED talks to videos that reveal how YouTube offers you which videos to watch next.


The third collection is a very random attempt at gathering tutorials that I found useful. Your own list may be more valuable here: you can find wonderful video and film tutorials online. This lists reveals some of these, such as this gem on editing.


And finally, three websites for copyright free music. Best practice is always to make your own music, even if it’s simple. If you don’t have the time or people to do it, you can always combine sounds from this website to build something fun!

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Expanding the Media Muscle

Impressive energy and commitment from participants who are diving into the genre of the 30-second nonprofit commercial! We keep rolling! Camera, lights, action!


Photo credits: CCIVS

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