Third Sector Business Model? Shall we, Shan’t we?

Carla, from XchangeScotland, writes about the strategic planning and fundraising program done during one week in Buenos Aires (Argetina).

After returning from Buenos Aires, Argentina, last week I now have a table of questions and future developments, however the bigger picture is still to be discussed and that is, should small charities adopt a Business model to survive?

I was given the chance to discuss and take part in strategic activities with key players in International Cooperation and Cooperate Social Responsibility, they are at the forefront of grass root organisations taking innovative approaches to state prevention in Buenos Aires striving on creating the world we want to see by a mix of passion, and most importantly with, the ultimate strategy!

Buenos Aires is a beautiful Capital with its own battles of social security and poverty, but its beauty and culture can overwhelm you along with its people, a new generation is shaping its future with its past, and doing so with great enthusiasm.

CCIVS Article 2

This work was an open door to major partners in the International volunteering and global citizenship fields to discuss a strategy for international development for international citizenship organisations, but with all this knowledge and expertise on board the main conclusion was around the obvious and shared social issues each country faces.

For example as the gap between poor and rich becomes bigger, what do you see being the biggest factor to change that? The answer for us, was making the diagnosis of our current structure and realising adapting a business model, to survive is a must!

Charity with a Business Model

As we move into a trend of “Conscious Consumption”- people are buying for quality and at the same time looking to purchase social change. The model of organisations like Xchange Scotland have come to terms that their current model is not working to engage with more people and particularly the younger of our society who are the future of bringing development to our world. So from breaking away fro normality we create a modern approach to charities who need to impact further to stay around to see the change they want.

There are 4 Key planning Goals when building this model: 

1)   Producing quality products

2)   Raising Money

3)   Promotions of our social impact

4)   Spreading the word and building networks

From here we begin the empowerment of bringing a business model on board, by keeping the main actors involved, you shape the model with the key stakeholders that are shaping the organisation every day, it may not be easy to start, but can we play with the fire of survival?

In the meantime; complex situations need complex solutions, so don’t simplify, instead lets use our knowledge to empower our communities, clients and partners who will create the impact we want and introduce them to our new and attractive business model.

CCIVS article- Ling


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