Online Media Training Opportunity

Dear Friends,

I am writing this post to invite you to join the Online Training of the CCIVS residential media training. My name is Miki Ambrozy, I am filmmaker and media educator. We are currently working with the Secretariat and Egyesek Youth Association (HU) to bring you a high-quality media training, both on- and offline.

The Online Training is free and you can join it by signing up here. It is an essential step to a successful face-to-face training, because we will cover the very basics of media and communication. These additional lessons create a common ground for talking about making powerful communication pieces online. Even if you aren’t involved in the Hungarian training, you are welcome to sign up for the remaining lessons! The course will run until 7 June 2015.

Participants of this training can share their work and receive feedback on our Facebook group:

The programme of the Online Training:

  1. 26 May, Tuesday – Assignment #1 – The Tiny Project
    Deadline for completion: 30 May, Saturday
  2. 30 May, Saturday – Assignment #2 – Shot Types and Continuity
    Deadline for uploading to YouTube/FB: 2 June, Tuesday
  3. 2 June, Tuesday – Assignment #3 – Editing Basics
    Deadline for sharing a small edit: 4 June, Friday
  4. 4 June, Friday – Assignment #4 – Social Media Strategies
    Deadline for the reading & story assignment: 7 June, Sunday
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