Sharing good practices about fundraising during the training on planning and fundraising

On the afternoon of the third day of the training several partner organisations (SCI Catalonia, Egyesek, Utilapu, VIN) in the project Vision to Action and participating in the training on planning and fundraising shared their good practices about fundraising, communication and local development.

JGR_7403 JGR_7421

The group was then able to get inspired by fundraising examples from organisations in Buenos Aires, allowing the participants to the training to get new ideas from other good practices and indeed possibly adapt some fundraising plans to their own organisations.

Benjamin from Social Opportunitiy Group (SOP) shared how they raise funds to finance their social development projects by having a very good quality coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia and by organising latte art events from which all profits go to the organisation. They also organise fundraising events (concerts) in Australia which they manage to organise thanks to their network of organisation they have built over the years.


Fundacion Uniendo Camino on the other hand aims to accompany young people during secondary school and to help them realise their personal projects.  Rosario from the foundation shared with the group how they organise twice a year second-hand clothes markets to raise funds for their projects.


Sharing good practices is one of the best non-formal education activity, it allows organisations to open their minds to new ideas, see projects that work, give strength and courage and even helps to share common issues and indeed build common solutions.


(Photo credits: CCIVS)


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