Impressions of day 2 by Carla Fyfe from Xchange Scotland

Day 2 of the planning and fundraising training in Buenos Aires focused on getting familiar with a programme developped by Fundacion SES which aimes to empower one’s organisation by balancing its five important dimensions: the structure, the functionning, the communication, the sustainability and the network. Each dimension contains a list of important criterias that the organisation has to fulfill at 100% in order to be efficient. Each dimmension represents 100% and the whole pentagone represents 500%, if one dimmension is weak (meaning obtaining less than 100%) then it weaknesses the other dimensions and indeed makes the organisation less efficient. This programme allows to understand better the origins of the  flaws of an organisation, reflect on the mistakes and the gaps and indeed look for solutions to empwer the organisation.

Following are the impressions of day 2 by Carla Fyfe from Xchange Scotland.


“The Start of day two begins with laughter over the Tango moves from the first night in Buenos Aries, and I found my true calling….Tango!

We are at the end of day 2 now and it has been a very interesting one. All participants are getting their heads into their organisational strategic plans and how they implement them. To compile ideas and best practice together with discussions over coffee and those addictive Cookies!

We had the pleasure of Rolo from Foundacion SES to share his experience on mapping your stakeholders and your organisational sustainability, communications, functions and structure.

We created a Pentagon of our current situation to see visually where our strengths and weaknesses lie. This was an invaluable tool and one I will be returning to Scotland with.



Further, we then mapped our current stakeholders to have a snapshot of our international activities and where possible developments could be created.


JGR_7401 (2)

These two activities enabled myself and other participants to go further into our structure and overall sustainability. From here we could map how we can increase or expand these elements by identifying our stakeholders and eventually create a plan in day 3 to achieve our goals!

It was a day of brain power and interesting discussions, which has only empowered participants to create a strategic plan that takes all these elements into consideration!

So a big thank you to Role, Oriol and Flor for day 2 of Power, motivation and my first Argentinian BBQ!”

Stay tunned for more daily basis impressions about the participants!!

(Photo credits: CCIVS)


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