Empowering IVS organisations through networking

On day 2 of the planning and fundraising training in Buenos Aires, the facilitators Oriol and Flor, organised an interactive activity to show the importance of a network to empower projects and organisations.JGR_7272

The activity aimed for each participant to share with the group about the needs and problems encountered in one’s organisation. Participants were indeed able to realise how they are all related by the similar problems and indeed how to look for solution together. The activity also aimed for the participants to learn about the way some organisations overcame their issues. The network net was materialised during this activity by a ball of string passed from one participant to another, creating a great net of organisation’s shared needs.


Here is a quick overview of the needs of IVS organisations which were brought up: fundraising, promote more local volunteers, local contexct and dangerous areas influence the success of workcamps and incoming volunteers, find more volunteers to send and to receive, visa issues preventing volunteers from travelling, have local recognition and implement regional groups.

JGR_7273 JGR_7268It might seem that each organisation is small one by one but globally the network is huge! ICYE, SCI, Alliance and NVDA represent altogether 40 000 volunteer places available every year around the world, which unites 2 million volunteers worldwide.

(Photo credits: CCIVS)


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