Impressions of day 1 by Caroline Huygens from JAVVA , Belgium

We are hereby bringing the impressions of day 1 from Caroline (representing JAVVA, Belgium) during the Vision to Action Planning and Fundraising training.


Here we are! Worldwide participants representing their IVS organisations from fifteen different countries are here in Buenos Aires! The programme? Training and exchanging about strategic planning and fundraising in our organisations! After quickly presenting ourselves to the group on the arrival day, we jumped into the introducing session yesterday!!

In the morning we learned the basics of strategic planning. Which are the key steps of a strategic plan, from the organisation’s philosophy to the development of strategic objectives and actions? When to evaluate the process? We then prepared a SWOT analysis (evaluate our internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of our organisations to diagnose our needs!
In the afternoon we worked on the “networks”. How can our networks help us with the challenges we face in our organisations? We ended the day with an introduction about fundraising. What are the main funds of your organisation? National, international or from participation fees?
It has been a long, long day but incredibly rich of experiences! So much to share and to learn! I can’t wait for the next day to start but first let’s go dance TANGO in a Milonga!

(Photo credits: CCIVS)


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