Second stage of Vision 2 Action: Training on Planning and Fundraising in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The training on strategic planning and fundraising is the second stage of the Vision to Action campaign. This five-day-long training (from April 12 until April 16 of 2015), hosted by the Argentinian International Voluntary Service organisation Subir al Sur in Buenos Aires just started today and will be facilitated by Oriol Josa from CCIVS and Florencia Cadorini from Subir al Sur.


The training gathers staffs, board members and volunteers from fourteen International Voluntary Service organisations from all around the world:
– Asociación Cultural de Intercambio (ACI) – Costa Rica

– Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos (BVB) – Peru

– Egyesek Youth Action – Hungary

– Estyes – Estonia

– ICYE Honduras

– JAVVA – Belgium

– SCI Catalunya – Spain

– SCI Hong Kong – China

– Subir al Sur – Argentina

– Utilapu (SCI) – Hungary

– VIVE Mexico

– Volunteer Action for Peace (VAP) – United Kingdom

– Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) – Nepal

– Xchange Scotland

– YAP Italy

Yesterday was the arrival day; participants and facilitators got the chance to meet and to get to know each other better by creating a virtual “Facebook profile” sharing each other’s names, hobbies, favorite fruit, animal, movie etc…
03Then, thanks to the secret friend game, the group will be able during the training to secretly make gifts or give friendly notes to another person chosen by lot. By the end of the training participants and facilitators will discover who their secret friend was. These activities allow to bring positive energies within the group, creating a good environment for non-formal education.02

Stay posted for daily news about the training!

(Photo credits: CCIVS)


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