Make everyday sustainable commitments

One month ago, during the impact measurement and sustainability training held in Berlin (Germany) the participants made some commitments for sustainable actions such as being vegan or vegetarian for two weeks or eating seasonal vegetables and fruits. We would like to share their beautiful feedbacks on this adventure.

Becoming a vegetarian was very easy for Anna from SCI Catalonia (Spain) and surprisingly for her, eating only seasonal food was easier than what she expected and even fun as she reinvented with her housemates many recipes to make them doable with winter vegetables. She discovered a great way to prepare couscous salad during winter combining pumpkin, red cabbage, onion, carrots and a little bit of dates with a pinch of Garam Masala curry for an exotic twist! Anna was very enthusiast about her experience and says “I will keep on doing so, I guess, forever” and “I am thinking about what would be the next step I could do, maybe growing my own food?”


For Dorothée (Doro) from Concordia Bretagne (France), it was also easier than expected to become vegan for two weeks even if she admits that she “really enjoyed a big piece of cheese” once the two weeks were over! Doro spread the positive impact of her action by including her housemate in the adventure. Doro has already a very positive social and economic impact lifestyle by not eating meat or fish, not drinking milk, not eating yogurts and use just a few eggs coming from her hens. The only non-vegan products she consumes are cheese and butter but she buys it at the farmers market, from local organic producers. Indeed, her and her housemate wanted to bring their sustainable action further than their vegan commitment and decided to stop drinking tea of coffee. They replaced it with infusions made out of the plants they are growing in their organic garden. Doro shares that they still didn’t go back to their old habits and that they “didn’t miss it at all!”


For Eric from IIWC (Indonesia) the challenge was quite bigger since he was not a vegetarian and was used to eating meet quite often. He is honest about his impressions and shares with his great sense of humor that “to be vegan for two weeks seems like two years for me”, however, he committed until the end.


We would like to congratulate the participants to this activity and invite everyone to challenge themselves by committing to sustainable actions on a short period of time. Changing your habits by positive impact habits can really have amazing consequences on the planet and teaches a lot about what is on your plate.

Stay tuned for more of the great feedbacks on sustainable commitments!

(Photo credits: CCIVS)


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