Impressions of day three – Dorothée Saucourt, Concordia Bretagne

“In the morning we left the subject of Sustainability to “get deeper into” the topic of Impact. How can we measure the impact of our actions in voluntary services?


We want to measure our impact on volunteers, on local communities, on our organizations…. and last, but not least – on the global scale: our impact on peace, on environment, on quality of life!!!!!! Quite a challenge! CCIVS has been working on the subject for a long time and has already prepared many tools to guide us in this mission. The idea is that our group does thematic interviews with authorities and relevant actors in local communities. One of our main goals, therefore, was to get familiar with the questionnaire. It was a lot of fun to practice our skills and play the mayor of an imaginary city that is receiving a workcamp in his town. It made me think about past experiences, (concretely about Michel from my last workcamp:).





In the afternoon, the trainers prepared a few games for us. Animal noises, singing, dancing, dressing up, all the ingredients were there for a lots of fun… As usually, however, these were primarily the methods of non-formal education that led us to new knowledges and discussions about sustainability.





The members of the group are getting very close, enjoying in a lot of intercultural exchange, sometimes on quite unexpected subjects…. We are really learning one from another, in a very open minded way! It feels like being in a family, it feels than we can accomplish big changes together! The party in the evening hours is worth mentioning as well. Even the CCIVS Director Vicky couldn’t resist joining the social games we played until it was time to prepare for the following day.”


(Photo credits: CCIVS)

Dorothée Saucourt, Concordia Bretagne


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