Experiences of Dimitri Schumacher from VJF

“After four days of training and learning a lot of theory, we reached a very important point. It was finally the moment to implement our new knowledge and create our own tools.

In the morning we talked about a study on impact made in Korea and I was surprised and happy to see how big and global volunteering is. The results of the study were very inspirational, as we were able to see real facts and real change happening on a global scale.



With this motivation we proceeded to create our own tools for international implementation. We gathered in groups and each group worked on creating a new tool. The group I was a part of, worked in creating a game, mostly for children of communities with difficult backgrounds. The goal of the game is to teach them in an interactive way that actions can have negative and positive consequences. The idea is that after playing the game they understand that even their actions can change the world!

Working on the game was very fun. We worked until late because creating a pedagogical game from scratch is not easy. But we already finished it and are feeling very optimistic about implementing it in workcamps all over the world!



It has been very inspiring to work with such wonderful and caring people! It is beautiful to see how many people are working with love and dedication for a better world.”

(Photo credits: CCIVS)

Dimitri Schumacher, VJF


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