A word from a participant – Shelley Talbot, Xchange Scotland

We are hereby bringing the text of Shelley Talbot, a participant representing Xchange Scotland! We hope to bring you more participant’s contributions in the days to come!

“Day 2 started with a dancing energiser! We then began thinking about impact in IVS, and what are the impacts on volunteers, organisations, local communities and on the international level. In the afternoon my group went to a school with an environmental focus, which includes workshops, a garden, animals and actions to reduce energy usage in the school.



The workshop room is a peaceful space in which they teach the children using creative and action-based methods. In the garden, each class has it’s own plot and the pupils learn how to grow vegetables – Brussels sprouts were the crop at the moment, which some participants had never seen before!





The animals in the school are a school dog, school guinea pigs and they even have visits from sheep who live at a nearby inner city farm. The workshops, garden and animals all help the children to learn about the environment, become in touch with nature and offer different methods of learning.



It was a really inspiring visit and gave all of us ideas to take back to our home countries and projects, so we will be able to put some sustainability in practice! We then went on a whirlwind city tour in the diminishing daylight, before a VJF party. It was fun, and great to meet more people from VJF and have more time to spend with each other. I feel as though we need a whole day just for chatting, everybody has so many fascinating life stories. We ended the night with a long trip back to base camp, and passed the time waiting for the tram, the best way IVS volunteers/staff know how, with an energiser!”

Shelley Talbot



(photo credits: CCIVS)


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