First day of the Training on Impact and Sustainability in Berlin

We are hereby bringing you the impressions of Martin Pachot, a participant from Concordia Bretagne, France. Martin made a short overview of the first activities that took place in Berlin. Stay tuned for more contributions from our participants!

“A first day full of promises! A really beautiful diversity of people from almost all over the world is now meeting in Berlin; to talk, discuss and debate about an interesting topic: impact and sustainability in the IVS movement. Organised by CCIVS and hosted by VJF, 16 participants and 6 leaders work on the thematics in order to create new ideas for the IVS organisations. The game that took place in the morning made people more aware of the relation that the authorities can have towards the population when it comes to limited resources. It was a real shock for most of us and helped us to perceive an other side of this problem. All the day long we switched between moments of self-reflection and group discussions. The day was tiring, but very enriching. Only one day together but we already feel as we had spent an entire week with the group! It’s only the beginning, but the week promises to be extremely interesting and eventful!”

Martin Pachot


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