Training on Impact and Sustainability starts in Berlin, Germany!

January 21 marked the beginning of CCIVS “From Vision to Action, Growing Capacities for Change in the IVS Movement” project. The project starts with the Training on Impact and Sustainability for campleader trainers in Germany and is hosted by VJF. In the following days leading to January 27, participants will discuss the topics of Sustainability and Environment and ways to increase the existing capacities and potential within IVS organisations in this particular thematic area.

DSC_0170 DSC_0165

Members getting to know each other through interactive discussions.

The training has managed to gather more than 20 participants from 14 organisations around the world.
CCIVS strongly believes that sustainability represents a global issue which demands a comprehensive, global approach. We therefore want to thank all the organisations that decided to take part and contribute with their own specific experiences:

1. JAVVA Belgium
2. VPV – Volunteers for Peace Vietnam
3. ICYE Honduras
4. Concordia France
5. GVDA – Global Voluntary Development Association
7. IIWC – Indonesia International Work Camp
8. IVP Indonesia
9. FIYE Poland
10. VIVE Mexico
11. Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger, Germany
12. VIN – Volunteers Initiative Nepal
13. Xchange Scotland
14. SCI – Service Civil International


Participants pinned their countries on an alternative world map. This was a vivid representation of diverse “backgrounds” present at the training. 


(Photo credits: CCIVS)


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